Benefit Point Reward Policy

  1. Benefit Point Reward is a member only benefit without any extra fee. will collect 2% of your ticket sales as your Benefit Point. Each point equals to a $ 1USD discount..
  2. will give new member 3.75 pts as a welcome present and this 3.75 pts can be used right away.
  3. The Benefit Point does not apply to order value under $15 USD. For example, customer Jack has placed a $100 USD order and he has 200 pts in his account. The maximum point he can use is 85 pts. He still has to pay $15 USD for his order even he still has 200 pts in his account.
  4. Unused benefit points will be saved in customers' account. Customers can use saved points in their future order.
  5. Benefit Point only collected after payment approved. For example, customer Jack place an order and suppose to earn 2 points this time. However, his payment is fail to approved, so this 2 points won’t go to his account.
  6. Because every product price contains portion shipment, we will return you 12pts on every additional item in your packages. However, if your order is too big to be packed in one smaller package, has the right to separate your order into more than one package, in such situation the return point will be less.